Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone Perform "City Of Stars" In New 'La La Land' Clip

I reviewed La La Land so long ago now (My review goes back up later today) that it's weird to find it only a couple of days from hitting theaters. Fortunately, that means others will be able to share in the magic of Damien Chazelle's Hollywood musical. To me there are too many great individual moments to parse them out into clips, and they all gel together so seamlessly to create this wonderful tapestry of Los Angeles where hopeful dreams spring eternal.

However, if there's one scene that stands out it's Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone performing "City of Stars", the film's centerpiece track and a possible Oscar contender. You can now catch that scene in its entirety to get a feel for Chazelle's beautiful direction, to go along with his talented cast.

La La Land opens in select cities this Friday, expanding a week later.