Roland Emmerich Eyes Sci-Fi Adaptation, 'Dark Matter'

It's been an ugly stretch for Roland Emmerich. Independence Day: Resurgence kind of flopped, and he was expecting that to be the start of a new franchise. With the embarrassing gay rights drama Stonewall also in his recent past, Emmerich probably should be on a time-out right now, but instead he's got a bunch of projects cooking. And now you can add an adaptation of sci-fi thriller Dark Matter to the list.

Written by Wayward Pines author Blake Crouch, the novel follows a physics professor who must return home from an alternate universe where he's considered a genius. Of course, nothing is quite as it appears to be.

Sounds like it could be the kind of movie that turns things around for Emmerich. He may need to get away from the disaster flicks and message movies for a while. As for when this will shoot? Who knows? He also has Moonfall, which as you probably guessed is about the moon crashing and destroying the Earth. [Deadline]