Podcast: Cinema Royal Spends Time With 'Jackie'; Explores Casey Affleck Double Standard

The awards season is in full swing and from now until the Oscars you're going to hear so much about them you'll want to go hide in a cave somewhere. BUT, it's what we do, and this week we'll review Natalie Portman's performance in JACKIE, in which she plays former First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the days following JFK's assassination. Some have pegged her as the obvious frontrunner for Best Actress but is she really worthy?
As Nate Parker's Oscar hopes for BIRTH OF A NATION were dashed due to sexual allegations from his past, we invite Black Reel Awards founder Tim Gordon to ask why MANCHESTER BY THE SEA star Casey Affleck isn't facing the same scrutiny? As he marches on in the Best Actor race, there seems to be a double standard, but is there? 
All this plus DVD releases, an update on the Critics' Choice and WAFCA Awards, and more! Join me, Travis Hopson, for the latest episode of Cinema Royale! Be sure to subscribe to the show via ITunesTuneIn, or directly at Blogtalkradio!