Patrick Wilson Joins 'Aquaman' As His Evil Half-Brother, Orm

Everything is beginning to fall into place for James Wan's Aquaman film, especially now that a release date has officially been set. That means we can expect a big splash of casting news, and the first to join Jason Momoa and Amber Heard in the aquatic superhero film is the ever-reliable Patrick Wilson, and if the script stays true to form he'll get to play a member of Aquaman's family who is a real jerk.

Deadline reports Wilson will play Orm aka Ocean Master, Aquaman/Arthur Curry's evil half-brother and someone who also wishes to rule Atlantis. Gee, this is starting to sound a lot like Thor and Loki, isn't it? There were a hundred different ways Warner Bros. could have gone with an Aquaman movie and choosing this path which focuses on the Game of Thrones-esque battle for the throne of Atlantis is probably the best way to go. I expect there will be lot of tridents and crazy helmets in this franchise's future.

I don't know if this mean we won't be seeing Black Manta as the bad guy as had been previously rumored, but there should be plenty of room for both. There's a whole ocean of trouble out there that these two could cause.

This is also a nice way to bring Wilson back into the WB hero-verse. He famously played Night Owl in Zack Snyder's Watchmen adaptation, and of course Snyder is a key cog in the DCU now. I'm sure that played a role in all of this.  Aquaman opens October 5th 2018.