New Trailer for Matthew McConaughey's 'Gold'!

Matthew McConaughey has had his time in the rom-com sun so he's finally able to stretch his acting legs and worry more about performance then abs and perfect hair. We first saw his step to physical transformation in Dallas Buyer's Club now in Gold we get to see what he would look like if he was, you know, a normal every day guy...balding, kinda greasy, a little chubby. Gold is based on a true story about a down on his luck guy that finds gold in an Indonesian jungle. Feeling alot like a The Wolf of Wall Street story of an epic rise followed by a catastrophic fall, I'm sure this film will be fun if based off nothing more then McConaughey's charm and the charisma of Edgar Ramierz who play's his partner Michael.

Check it out below and look for it to hit theaters on a limited run Christmas Day and releasing wide on January 27th, 2017