New Looks At 'Dunkirk', 'Captain Underpants', Stephen King's 'It', 'The Mummy', And More

2017 is right around the corner, but you know what? We've kinda been looking forward to next year's biggest movies for months already, so a batch of new photos showing what they have to offer isn't a surprise. EW has dropped a batch of images from some films we're going to be talking about a lot.

It all starts with the first official image from Christopher Nolan's WWII drama, Dunkirk, featuring star Fionn Whitehead. Who the heck is he? Aren't there bigger names in the cast, like Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, and Harry Styles? Well, yes, but Nolan has a good reason for wanting a fresh face for the lead...

“One of the key things you came across reading firsthand accounts of Dunkirk was how young and inexperienced these soldiers were. It felt very important to me, especially for Fionn’s part, to find somebody very new.”

If you haven't had a chance to watch the incredibly-tense Dunkirk trailer that plays ahead of Rogue One, it's worth the price of a ticket. The film opens July 21st.

While we are still a long ways off from Halloween, Pennywise is scary all year 'round. We're getting another creepy look at Bill Skarsgard as the demonic clown in the remake of Stephen King's It. Be afraid. The interesting thing is that director Andy Muschietti (who previously directed Jessica Chastain in Mama) is fully in favor of keeping the monstrous clown out in the open rather than hiding him...

“Pennywise shows up, he’s front and center, and he does his show. He has an act. So it’s weird all the time, and every little thing implies a further threat.” 

We'll see on September 28th  if that was the right idea.

Of all the superhero movies arriving next year, only Captain Underpants comes from a frequently-banned children's book series. Based on Dav Pilkey's potty humor-loving novels, the animated film features the voices of Kevin Hart, Thomas Middleditch, Nick Kroll, and Ed Helms, centering on a school principal hypnotized into becoming a superhero dressed in nothing but Underoos. As for the villain? He's a guy with an extreme case of incontinence. No, really. Captain Underpants opens June 2nd 2017.

Other new images include Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe shooting the shit in The Mummy, opening June 9th; Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne having a 'Matrix' reunion in John Wick: Chapter 2, opening February 10th; and a dazzling look at The Lego Batman Movie, also on February 10th.