Michael Fassbender Teases An 'Assassin's Creed' Trilogy

In terms of blockbusters, 2016 pretty much ends on Assassin's Creed. That said, the video game adaptation may have a rough go of things this weekend. The review have crushed it (here's mine, by the way), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is poised for a killer second weekend, and I'm not convinced anyone other than die-hard fans of the game will turn out. But with so much already invested it's no wonder 20th Century Fox is already making plans for the future.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, star Michael Fassbender says a map has been drawn out for an Assassin's Creed trilogy that would see him return as Callum Lynch.

“This is the sort of origin of his story. We have an idea of where he’s going to go over the next two films. We kind of did a three-film arc. We’ll wait and see how people respond to this, but for sure, we have an idea of where he’s going to go next."

The caveat is how the movie performs, of course. Fassbender does seem to be suggesting future movies will head to different time periods other than 15th-century Spain, and that could be a lot of fun. In the end I'm expecting some kind of crossover with Hitman or something. Isn't that how these things work?