Michael Fassbender Talks About The 'Star Wars' Role He Didn't Take

You may recall when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was first announced it seemed like everybody was rumored for a role. So it's not really a shock that Michael Fassbender ended up on the list of candidates.  The talented actor was busy with the X-Men franchise at the time and things didn't work out, but he's never really talked about what happened, at least not until his appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast where it came up briefly...

"We talked about a role. We had a conversation. I’m pretty sure I was busy doing something else in the summer he was kickstarting that."

I recall thinking at the time that he would have made for a great villain, although we didn't know anything about Kylo Ren at the time. Adam Driver won that role and was perfect for it, so no loss there. Maybe Fassbender was up for Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron?

Anyway, it doesn't matter now, and with Fassbender hoping for an Assassin's Creed trilogy he may be too busy for future Star Wars movies.