John Cena & Aaron Taylor-Johnson Are Pinned Down In 'The Wall' Trailer

As WWE fans have probably guessed by now, John Cena's time in the squared circle is probably coming to an end. As he's gotten busier with movie roles, such as his scene-stealing performances in Trainwreck and Sisters, his reality TV stuff, talk show appearances, and more, the Smackdown Live poster boy has been out of the action. And that's not likely to change. A few days ago a story emerged (which you can read at my other home at DailyDDT) that Cena may be busy all throughout 2017. And it's movies like The Wall that are causing it, but it's hard to turn down a film directed by Doug Liman and co-starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Cena debuted the first trailer today and it looks like an intense military thriller, which finds Cena and Taylor-Johnson as soldiers pinned down by a lethal Iraqi sniper with only a wall between them and certain death. It's a definite step up for Cena from his other military flick, The Marine, although that one at least launched a franchise...which Cena wasn't a part of.  Amazon Studios and Roadside Attractions are certainly hoping Cena can lure in enough WWE fans to green light a sequel or two.

The Wall opens on March 10th 2017.