James Franco Finds His True Self In First Trailer For 'I Am Michael'

There have been a few baffling cases of good movies that emerged at Sundance but failed to find distribution, and one of the most confusing was I Am Michael. The film stars James Franco, Zachary Quinto, and Emma Roberts with Justin Kelly (who teamed with Franco on King Cobra) at the helm and Gus Van Sant producing, and dealt with an intriguing story of the gay rights movement. But it just couldn't find a home for two years until Brainstorm Media picked up the rights last month.

And now today we have the first trailer, a month away before it opens. The film tells the fascinating true story of Michael Glatze, a prominent gay rights activist who baffles everyone he knows and loves by becoming a heterosexual, Christian pastor.  And it's a movie that gives Franco one of his best, most complex performances because Glatze is such a walking contradiction that he "barely seems to understand him", as I said in my review from Park City

I Am Michael hits theaters and VOD on January 27th.