Interview: The Cast Of 'Fences' Takes Us Inside Denzel Washington's Latest

While most of the attention for Denzel Washington's Fences has focused on him and co-star Viola Davis, and deservedly so, the film would be nothing without a strong supporting cast. And like Washington and Davis, nearly all of them are as familiar with the August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning stageplay, having starred in the recent revival alongside them. The stage and screen are two different beasts, though, complete with all new challenges.

I had a chance to speak with Fences co-stars Stephen Henderson, Russell Hornsby, Jovan Adepo, and Mykelti Williamson, alongside my colleague Tim Gordon. The film takes place in 1950s Pittsburgh and centers on Troy Maxson, whose dreams of being a Major League baseball player were dashed because of the color barrier. Now he works as a garbage man, and tries to take care of his loyal wife Rose, struggling older son Lyons (Hornsby), youngest son and aspiring athlete Cory (Adepo), and mentally-challenged brother Gabriel (Williamson). Troy can often be found telling wild tales of his youth in his backyard, usually while sharing a drink with longtime friend, Bono (Henderson).

Fences arrives at a time when the racial divide is greater than ever, and we talked to the cast about the story's timeliness and continued relevance. They also revealed any changes they brought to the adaptation, and what it was like working with Denzel as he pulled double-duty as star and director.

Check out my interview with the Fences cast below, and my review of the film here!