Ice Cube & Charlie Day Get Ready To Rumble In New 'Fist Fight' Trailer

The premise of Fist Fight is simple: Ice Cube is going to kick Charlie Day's butt. Do you really need any more than that to know it's at least going to be a fun time at the movies? If so, then this wasn't really for you in the first place.

Directed by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia director Richie Keen and co-starring Christina Hendricks, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, and Dennis Haysbert, the film finds Day as a meek English teacher who ruffles the feathers of a pissed-off colleague and gets challenged to a brawl after school. Reminds me of an old favorite of mine, Three O'Clock High, only this puts those in charge as the offending parties. Who said our education system is broken?

Fist Fight opens February 17th 2017.