Hugh Jackman Joins Cast Of 'The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian'

One of the great things about Hugh Jackman is that he doesn't just leave time for blockbuster movies like X-Men, Logan, or Les Miserables. He also takes on his fair share of smaller roles, like his supporting turn in skiing comedy Eddie the Eagle. And now he's lined up another co-starring role in an adaptation of YA novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, where he's likely to be the biggest name in the cast.

For the record, Jackman will NOT be the part-time Indian. Nope. Especially since the film is based on the book by Native American author Sherman Alexie. Alexie made some waves in 1998 for adapting one of his short stories into the all-Indian comedy, Smoke Signals.  'Part-Time Indian' is his first YA novel and centers on "Junior", a Native American teen who is encouraged to leave to go off-reservation and attend an all-white public school.  The school's mascot just happens to be a Native American, too. The tone is similar to the Wimpy Kid novels, which went on to become successful movies as well.  As for Jackman's role it's unclear (Probably a teacher of some kind, right?) but he's also expected to serve in another behind-the-scenes role. That probably means he'll be producing and doing a lot of press to the promote the film.

Alexie will adapt the screenplay himself and it will be interesting to see if Fox 2000 seeks out a Native American director to handle the material. Next up for Jackman is P.T.Barnum film The Greatest Showman opening next year.  [THR]