First Trailer For NBC's 'Taken' TV Series Is 'Without A Trace' With Worse Hair

I don't know why there's a TV series based on Taken. There really shouldn't be. Bryan Mills doesn't have an endless supply of family members to get disappeared, does he? The show does exist, though; NBC paid for it. It was shot, and I guess if you REALLY wanted to see Taken with 100% less Liam Neeson then this is for you?

Clive Standen...stands in for Neeson as a young Bryan Mills, and this time his particular set of skills is being put to use for a different purpose. People are still being kidnapped or something, but Mills isn't convinced to help until his daughter is murdered (!?!?) by some lunatic on a train. Yeah, okay. So to cope with the grief he joins a covert team led by the amazing (and apparently ageless) Jennifer Beals to find other missing people. So how is this not just Without a Trace under a different name and with worse hair. Somebody hand that guy a razor and some clippers. Neeson would never let himself go like that.

Somebody let me know how this is and if it's worth checking out. Taken hits NBC on February 27th.