First Trailer For 'The Emoji Movie' Will Leave You Feeling "Meh"

You know things are bad when there's a movie about emojis. You know things are even worse when the first trailer eagerly promotes itself as "meh", which is pretty much how most of us feel about this project in the first place, animated or not. Hollywood has turned chicken crap into chicken salad before with The Lego Movie, but our first footage from The Emoji Movie is less than encouraging.

While the voice cast is led by TJ Miller, James Corden, and Ilana Glazer, this teaser introduces us to Mel Meh, voiced by comedian Steven Wright whose schtick is that he's always "meh". Yeah, he was a thing back in the day. Anyway, the story follows Gene (Miller), a lucky emoji who has no filter and can show more than one expression. He and a couple of friends embark on an epic app journey through a teen's smartphone, so expect to see cameos by Instagram, Candy Crush, and other apps that are probably on your phone.

So this isn't off to a very good start. Did we expect anything else? Meh.  The Emoji Movie opens August 11th 2017.