Sundance: First Look At Jon Hamm In 'Marjorie Prime'

The last couple of weeks have seen Sundance drop their full slate of films for the upcoming festival in Park City, and one that I'm definitely targeting is Marjorie Prime. Mainly I'm intrigued because of the cast led by Jon Hamm, Geena Davis, Tim Robbins, and Lois Smith, but also because the premise sounds like a real head trip involving futuristic doppelgangers, memory, and more. Well now we have the first look at the film, along with some welcome news about the score.

The new images reveal Hamm who plays the holographic recreation of an aging violinist's deceased husband, programmed to feed to her the details of their life together. It's an interesting idea that could be perfect for director Michael Almereyda, who was at Sundance last year with Experimenter, a movie I didn't care for but showed a distinct visual flair.  If there's another reason to be excited it's the news that composer Mica Levi, who did the stunning scores for Under the Skin and Jackie, will be providing the music. Count me in.

Marjorie Prime makes its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next month. [FACT]