First Look At Amy Schumer And Goldie Hawn In 'Snatched'

How cool is it that Goldie Hawn is making her return to the big screen after 15 years away? And that she's doing it alongside Amy Schumer, whose humor and style she helped pave the way for, is a nice bit of Hollywood symmetry. Hopefully their movie, Snatched, lives up to the meteoric expectations.

This is the film which finds Hawn and Schumer as a mother and daughter who go on a wild vacation in Brazil where they are kidnapped. Fun! Actually, judging by the look of the photos there was a ton of fun to be had by everybody. Katie Dippold (The Heat) wrote the script based on her relationship with her mother, while Jonathan Levine (The Night Before) is behind the camera. Pretty sure his mother was left out.

Snatched is hitting theaters on May 12th 2017.