Female '21 Jump Street' Spinoff Gets A Dude For Writer And Director

It should come as no surprise that a 21 Jump Street spinoff led by female stars is in development, because that's just the way Hollywood thinks. If a dude version works, then maybe the other half of the gender equation will show up for the same thing just with ladies. So far that formula hasn't played out totally as expected for Sony Pictures, who also had the mediocre Ghostbusters movie last summer, but they still keen on giving it a shot. Last we'd heard Broad City writers were working on the female 'Jump Street' movie, but that's no longer the case because they've been replaced by a guy, albeit one with experience on the franchise.

Rodney Rothman will write and possibly direct the spinoff, having already penned 22 Jump Street. So at least he will have an idea how the formula works, although the disappointment at not having it written by a women probably takes precedent. That said, men have written women characters plenty of times and vice versa perfectly fine many times and I'm sure it will turn out okay. It's 'Jump Street' we're talking about here, not Steel Magnolias.  Oh wait, that was written by a dude. My point!

Meanwhile, Deadline adds that the 'Jump Street'/Men in Black crossover is "still in development", despite Jonah Hill suggesting the project may be dead. It still sounds like a ridiculously complicated and convoluted concept taking one successful comedy and using it to revive one from a different genre. There aren't any additional details so maybe no actual change in status has occurred since Hill's statements last summer. Sony may just be keeping the door open in case everything they've got tanks like so much has for them lately.