Ex-WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes Wants To Play This Marvel Hero

I was ecstatic when Cody Rhodes asked for and was granted his release from the WWE. The son of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes had been wasted for far too many years, even though he fully committed to everything. There's no finer example of it than his maniacal portrayal of the supervillainy Stardust, which led to a show-stopping rivalry with Arrow star Stephen Amell.

Since he's been away Rhodes has kept plenty busy in the squared circle, wrestling for TNA, Global Force Wrestling (where he just became Nex-Gen Champion) and now for Ring of Honor. But he's also been doing plenty of acting, including an episode of Arrow. He wants more, though, and in a conversation with BleedingCool Rhodes says one of his dreams is to play Black Bolt, leader of Marvel's band of Inhumans...

"I will fully disclose that I have been actively pursuing a couple of roles, that being one. I now have uprooted, moved to LA, to look into acting more, especially after the Arrow episode. So that would mean the world to me if that were to happen. And we’re actively looking into it. I’m all about it.”

Of course he's talking about the upcoming Inhumans TV series that will be airing on ABC after a two-week exclusive run in IMAX theaters. While I know the bar is set pretty low when it comes to acting in the WWE, Rhodes always seemed to have a natural affinity for it. Some wrestlers just have it. Dwayne Johnson had it, John Cena has it, Steve Austin has it, I would say Triple H had it if he decided to pursue it fully, and Rhodes does, too. Hulk Hogan? Not so much. You ever see Thunder in Paradise? ::shudders::

We'll see if Marvel is paying attention. I certainly hope they are.