Dwayne Johnson & Henry Cavill Tease Something, Possibly 'Shazam' Related

What happens when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Henry Cavill get together for a drink over the holidays? A number of things. Any woman who walked by instantly got pregnant, for starters. But also the rumor mill started churning that this meant Superman would be facing Black Adam in that Shazam movie that has been in the works forever. Is it true? Eh.

First of all, here's the image courtesy of Cavill's Instagram...

So you see there Cavill's hashtag #DCWorldsWillCollide, which is what started all of this. Could some kind of crossover be in the works that will pit Cavill's Superman against Johnson as the powerful Shazam villain, Black Adam? Is that what they got together to discuss? Maybe. I mean, it might have come up. Or they could just be talking about what it's like to be unfairly handsome and rich. Or it could be that they share the same agent.

It's way premature to assume anything.  Shazam still doesn't have a director, nor has anyone been cast as young Billy Batson, who transforms into Captain Marvel upon saying the words "Shazam"!  Even the 2019 release date is in question at this point. Maybe Black Adam will show up in a Man of Steel sequel?

Setting my doubts aside, is there anybody who wouldn't pay to see Dwayne Johnson vs. Henry Cavill, whatever the circumstances?