Deadpool/Wolverine Teamup Still Possible, Plus New 'Logan' Image And Viral Site

At this point, the adamantium claws have been driven into the story of a Deadpool appearance in Logan, but does that mean all hope is lost? We all know that Hugh Jackman has said this is the last Wolverine movie for him, but what about a Deadpool/Wolverine teamup flick? Any chance of that?

THR's Borys Kit tweeted something that suggests "something" is in the works that could bring the two Weapon X survivors together again...

He doesn't say it's necessarily a crossover flick, but both Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have expressed interest in something like that. However, it could just mean Jackman will cameo in Deadpool 2. Who knows?

Meanwhile, Logan has launched a new viral site here which is releasing the film's final trailer one frame at a time. That's 1,974 individual frames, and you can take part in unlocking the trailer in full by taking part in their little contest.

Finally, an intriguing new image [via Empire] of Stephen Merchant as the mutant hunter Caliban has been revealed, and it shows him locked up as a prisoner. So who are his captors? The best guess is the Reavers or Zander Rice of the evil Transigen corporation. Or maybe it's Logan himself who has him locked in a cage? We'll find out when Logan opens on March 3rd.