David Ehrlich's Top 25 Movies Of The Year Video Is Superb Once Again

I'm notoriously bad at giving other film critics their props, but I LOVE when David Ehrlich drops his annual best of the year video. The reason is more than just the gorgeous editing that finds connecting themes between twentyfive of the year's top films, but that Ehrlich always has a healthy mix of studio efforts and less visible projects.

This year's top 25 has a number of my own personal favorites that will end up on my list but may not on others: Indignation, A Bigger Splash, Weiner, American Honey. But the video encompasses those and many more not on the list, such as Green Room, 20th Century Women, Krisha, High-Rise, Hail Caesar, and Christine, which are all deserving of recognition. The inclusion of Lemonade is an interesting choice, by the way. Okay, enough babble, just check out the video because it's great.