Carrie Fisher Doesn't Care About The Senate In 'The Force Awakens' Deleted Scene

The shock of losing Carrie Fisher, and now her legendary mother Debbie Reynolds, is still washing over all of us. And as the tributes to their storied careers continue to spring up all over the Internet, a newly- revealed deleted scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens shows Fisher still perfectly comfortable in her most iconic role.

Clocking in at only 16-seconds, it's still enough time for Fisher to inject her trademark wry sense of humor into the role of Leia as she tries to get a message out to the famously obstinate Senate. Maisie Richardson-Sellers plays Korr Sella, who is seen briefly later in the film.

"Not all the senators think I'm insane... Or maybe they do. I don't care", sounds exactly like something Fisher would say about her Hollywood peers, doesn't it?

 It's a nice bit that wouldn't have fit in the movie very well, but on its own and at a time like this it will bring a smile to your face.

We haven't seen the last of Leia. She'll be a big part of Star Wars: Episode VIII, which opens December 15th 2017.