Alec Baldwin Plays Another Spoiled Child In 'The Boss Baby' Trailer

Here's hoping you haven't grown sick of Alec Baldwin as a spoiled, demanding child. He's been playing one almost weekly on SNL for the last few months, pissing off a certain orange, pu$$y grabbing President-Elect. And now he's playing another poopy diaper in The Boss Baby, and there's a new trailer for it.

Featuring the voices of Lisa Kudrow, Miles Bahski, Jimmy Kimmel, Tobey Maguire, and Steve Buscemi, the film has Baldwin as a little tyke who runs things like he's Don Corleone, much to the chagrin of his 7-year-old brother. He's actually got some kind of a mission cooking to spread the love so it favors babies over puppies. Can't we get rid of them both? *ahem*

Anyway, this looks pretty harmless...as long as they keep the Baldwin catchphrases to a minimum. Let's hope the one reference to Glengarry Glen Ross is the only one. Directed by Tom McGrath, The Boss Baby opens March 31st 2017.