15 Underrated Actress Performances Of 2016

I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. When going back through last year's list of actresses deserving of some awards attention, it struck me that it felt like only yesterday I was raving about most of those performances. And now here we are a full year later wrapping up 2016, and as always I gotta show some love to the ladies first.

You'll notice the title has changed from all of the previous years. No longer is it about "deserving Oscars attention", because honestly not every performance I choose deserves that. But they are great and noteworthy and worthy of recognition, nonetheless. At least they wowed me in some kind of way and have stuck with me. Most importantly, I wanted to choose performances that have truly been overlooked and should be sought out. I think the previous years including some choices that were probably just awards snubs, even though most people saw them.

I don't think that's the case here. For once I knew exactly which women I wanted on this list and they are all here without anyone being left out. Boom! Nailed it! So without further ado, here's my list of the 15 Underrated Actress Performances of 2016. And be sure to follow all of our end-of-year coverage!

Melanie Lynskey- The Intervention

Rebecca Hall- Tumbledown

Amber Heard- One More Time

Nicole Kidman- The Family Fang

Tilda Swinton- A Bigger Splash

Abbey Lee- The Neon Demon

Gillian Jacobs- Don't Think Twice

Anna Gunn- Equity

Linda Emond- The Land

Lupita Nyong'o- Queen of Katwe

Stefania Owen- Coming through the Rye

Krisha Fairchild- Krisha

Agyness Deyn- Sunset Song

Susan Sarandon- The Meddler

Zoe Kazan- The Monster