15 Underrated Actor Performances Of 2016

The first thing I do when compiling my list of the best performances of the year (You can find my favorite actress performances here) is soak in all of the noise that comes with the awards season. All of that buzz surrounding a select few actors, such as Casey Affleck, Denzel Washington, Mahershala Ali...whoever, I take it in and then shut it back out. Nobody I'm hearing anything about is going on this list. Every year I try to find the actors who took on bold challenges, played against type, or put a new spin on a familiar character, all while being overlooked at this time of year.

There were a number that fit the bill for me this year, and I think there's a pretty good mix of established faces having career comebacks with newcomers making names for themselves. Of the many I left off the list probably the one I regret most is Michael Shannon for Midnight Special, but then I figured he's so good in everything that it's not worth it to add him. You could put Michael Shannon in just about every list of what's great every single year.

So here ya go. Check out my list of favorite underrated male performances of 2016, and keep up with all of our end of the year coverage!

Stephan James- Race

Parker Sawyers- Southside with You

Jason Sudeikis- Tumbledown

Don Cheadle- Miles Ahead

Ethan Hawke- Born to be Blue

Ewan McGregor- Last Days in the Desert

Mark Strong- Approaching the Unknown

Tie: Sam Neill and Julian Dennison- Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Logan Lerman- Indignation

Johnny Simmons- The Phenom

Jahking Guillory- Kicks

Mel Gibson- Blood Father

Christopher Walken- One More Time

Boyd Holbrook- The Free World

Nilbio Torres- Embrace of the Serpent