Zoey Deutch Tries To Change Her Fate In First Trailer For 'Before I Fall'

Zoey Deutch has plenty of experience starring in young adult adaptations; Beautiful Creatures and Vampire Academy were two of her earliest films. So it's not surprising to see her in the lead of another, a big screen take on Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall, and that it will team her up with notable indie director Ry Russo-Young makes it a film worth keeping an eye on.

The first trailer has arrived and immediately you can sense this isn't your typical YA flick. Deutch plays Samantha Kingston, a high school girl with everything she could ask for and a bright future ahead of her. When she's killed a sudden auto accident, she's forced to relive her last day repeatedly, Groundhog Day-style, in an effort to change her fate.

Russo-Young's first two films, You Won't Miss Me and Nobody Walks, pegged her as a mature new voice and she seems to be bringing some of that to a genre that could sorely use it. And of course it doesn't hurt to be working with Deutch, who deserves a chance to take the spotlight for once.  Also starring Erica Tremblay, Jennifer Beals, Halston Sage, and Logan Miller, Before I Fall opens March 3rd 2017.  Thanks to Awesomeness Films and Open Road for the promo images!