Wong Kar-Wai May Direct Margot Robbie In Long-Developing 'Gucci' Drama

Wow, this is a project I thought long dead and buried. Years ago  Ridley Scott, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Angelina Jolie were attached to a film centered on the Gucci fashion family, but obviously it never happened otherwise we'd know about it. So much time has passed that all have since moved on, but the film is far from dead and apparently has a new director in Wong Kar-Wai.

It's been three years since Kar-Wai's breath-taking martial arts drama, The Grandmaster, and this fits into the typical timeframe he takes between movies. THR broke the news of his directing the Gucci film in a piece on Annapurna's chief, Megan Ellison, with rumors spreading that Margot Robbie is in talks for a role. She would likely play  Patrizia Reggiani, who at the height of the Gucci fashion house's dominance had her ex-husband and head of the company, Maurizio Gucci, murdered by a hired hitman.

This is very early on and who knows how things will shake out. Kar-Wai has an 18-part online Chinese drama series coming up next, and if the plan really is to get Robbie she comes with her own packed schedule.