Trailer For Katie Holmes' Directorial Debut, 'All We Had', With Stefania Owen

Katie Holmes' career has taken a lot of twists and turns, and often it's seemed as if she's been adrift (Did you forget she was in Batman Begins? I nearly did), but she has definitely found a comfortable home working in the world of indies. She hasn't stayed there by any means, though. For every Miss Miss Meadows there was a Jack & Jill (*shudders*), but nothing has really seemed to slow her down. And the path she's on has led Holmes to making her directorial debut with the emotional mother-daughter drama, All We Had, and the first trailer for it has arrived.

Holmes directs and stars in the adaptation of Annie Weatherwax's acclaimed novel about Rita, a mother struggling to get by while raising her rebellious daughter, Ruthie, played by Stefania Owen ( Who was great in Coming Through the Rye). And as we see from this footage, the daily pains they endure include living out of mom's beat-up old car, which only adds to the tension between them.

Also starring Judy Greer, Richard Kind, Luke Wilson, and Mark Consuelos, All We Had opens December 9th. This looks like a solid first effort from Holmes, and casting Owen as her daughter was a brilliant move. Not only is she a great young talent, but they look like they could be sisters. The resemblance is uncanny.