Tom Holland May Join Daisy Ridley For 'Chaos Walking' Adaptation

It's hard to get excited about any YA adaptation nowadays since the genre has taken such a downhill turn. But if there's one that may change all of that it's Chaos Walking, which features Star Wars breakout Daisy Ridley, and now may see her paired up with Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland. Oh, and it has a script by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Anomalisa's, Charlie Kaufman, along with 10 Years writer Jamie Linden; can't forget that.

THR reports Holland is in talks to join the film, which is based on the first of Patrick Ness' novels set in a dystopian world where everyone can hear one another's thoughts, creating a constant noise akin to chaos. Holland would play Tom Hewitt, who discovers a place of silence within the chaos, only to learn it's coming from a girl named Viola.

It's on the pile of projects Doug Liman is slated to direct but right now there's no start date. But you with Ness penning a trilogy not to mention a few short stories set in the Chaos Walking universe, you can bet the hope is to launch a franchise. If the author's name sounds familiar it's because he also wrote A Monster Calls, which has been adapted to a potential Oscar-contending movie starring Felicity Jones and Liam Neeson due out next month. Holland will be seen next year in The Lost City of Z, and of course Spider-Man: Homecoming.