This Week In DC TV: The 80’s (Don’t) Rule!

Hey Folks!

It’s been an interesting week for the DC CW, well, it’s been an interesting week overall!  On Supergirl, Kara had to deal with a new group of bad guys using alien technology.  We didn’t have a new episode of The Flash, due to the presidential election.  However, with the election results, I kind of with Barry went back in time and could create a new “Flashpoint” universe where Donald Trump isn’t the president-elect!  On Arrow, Oliver’s vigilante team must take on Prometheus.  Finally, on Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends travel to 1980s to help stop Damien Darhk as he is now a policy advisor for Ronald Raegan.

Let’s take a look at each of these shows and what happened this week.

Supergirl: “Crossfire"

This week on Supergirl, Kara decides that Mon-El needs to get outside, and he also needs a mentor.  After going out drinking last week, she feels that some structure is needed for him.  Since Kara is a reporter for CatCo, she decides that he could get an internship and work under her guidance.  He appears as “Mike the intern” and has a little difficulty adjusting.  Simple things like using a telephone are alien to him.  Seriously, he should have gotten a crash course in how things are outside of the DEO.  He also realizes that he’s kinda hot, and quickly seduces one of his co-workers.

Meanwhile, there is a gang committing robberies around town.  Normally Supergirl could take care of this without breaking a sweat.  However, this gang is committing the robberies using alien technology, proving trouble for Supergirl and the weapons are almost lethal to her as well.  James Olsen was with her during the event and comes to the realization that he’s had enough with crime and the city and wants to fight back.  Now James is fit, but he’s still out of his league.  Lucky for him, Winn has DEO resources and is eager to help build him a suit so that he won’t end up dead.  It looks like we will get Guardian real soon!

Supergirl’s sister Alex has spent most of the show being asexual.  However this week’s episode it looks like she might like someone.  Maggie, the police officer we met a few weeks ago just became single, and she and Alex have spent some time working on alien cases for the past few weeks.  Alex slowly realizes that she might like Maggie.  However, Alex can’t bring herself to come out of the closet.  Alex does admit to Maggie by the end of the episode that maybe there is a possibility.  This will be something interesting to pay attention to as his show will deal with LGBT issues.  Other DC CW shows already have gay characters.  On The Flash, Captain Singh is also gay and frequently mentions his husband.  On Arrow, Curtis is gay and also fondly mentions his husband.  Sara is also bisexual on Arrow and now Legends of Tomorrow.  Looks like Supergirl will have LGBT representation on the show as well.

It turns out that the bad guys were receiving their hardware from Project Cadmus.  While they are finally defeated by none other than Lena Luthor, the ultimate mastermind behind them is revealed to be her mother.  It looks like Lex takes from his mother and Lena is the black sheep of the family.

Arrow: “So It Begins

This week on Arrow, we finally get out big bad guy.  Prometheus has been teased all season, but has been operating in the shadows.  Prometheus finally reveals himself to Oliver and starts going on a murder spree.  

The main conflict on the show this week doesn’t deal with Prometheus, but instead with Team Arrow.  Oliver still doesn’t think they are ready for prime time and tries to go at it with just Diggle.  This causes the team to start to resent him and he continues to sideline them.  Oliver eventually brings them into the fold as he needs their help.  To complicate matters worse, they discover a link to Prometheus’ murder spree.  All of his victims are people from Oliver’s book that he had planned to kill when he first came home.  In effect, Prometheus is continuing Oliver’s original mission of taking out the people who “have failed this city.”  Worst case, he is framing The Green arrow as a serial killer.  This makes members of the group see Oliver as a hypocrite as he has told them repeatedly that killing is not the answer and he is basically the OG serial killer.  

Meanwhile, Felicity has to continue to maintain the delicate balance of having a regular life with her police officer boyfriends, and also being a member of Team Arrow.  She keeps odd hours to herself to shield him away from everything, but eventually crosses the line when she steals a piece of police evidence so she can perform an analysis on one of Prometheus’s weapons.  After he confronts her, she revels her secret.  To her surprise, he’s totally cool with it.  Turns out, he’s a fan of the Green Arrow and wants to know who he is.

Meanwhile, Quinten has fallen off the wagon, well turns out, he never really stopped drinking.  This causes a problem for Mayor Queen as he entrusted to be the Deputy Mayor in Oliver’s absence, and he’s still a drunk!  However, the episode ends with a bombshell as Quinten has the same wounds on his arm that Prometheus has after his battle with Team Arrow.  Quinten doesn’t remember how he got these wounds.  Could he be blacking out and being a serial killer?

In the flashbacks, we finally meet big bad Russian bad guy Konstantin, played by none other than our favorite Russian bad guy Dolph “Ivan Drago” Lundgren.  My money is still on him being Prometheus instead of Quinten!

Legends of Tomorrow: “Compromised

This week on Legends of Tomorrow, the time traveling team head to the 1980s after detecting a “time seismograph” to stop Damien Darhk, who is planning something big on the eve of the INF Treaty between the US and Russia.  Darhk is a special advisor to Ronald Raegan, so that can’t mean anything good.

With Darhk back in the mix, this once again gives Sara a chance to kill him before he killed her sister Laurel (the Black Canary).  However, the team had an ethical debate about what to do since they are time travelers.  Their mandate is to safeguard time, not use it for their own purposes.  Jax wanted to use time travel to right some wrongs of history (like slavery from last week).  But changing history could have devastating consequences.  However, Sara isn’t having any of that when it comes to her sister.

Although Darhk is a special advisor to Raegan, he really doesn’t want the historic treaty to come to fruition.  He wants to stockpile the nukes to use in the events that happen in Arrow season 4.  Her works with his Russian counterparts as well to secure the weapons and stop the treaty by killing Raegan and Gorbachev o the day of the treaty.  Darhk also has help from Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash.

Meanwhile, Mick gave Ray his old partner’s cold gun and is trying to train him to be the new Captain Cold.  But being Captain Cold is not just about having a weapon.  He needs Ray to embrace his dark side.   Despite his best efforts, Ray just isn’t that kind of guy.  When he tries to have a little edge, he just comes across as silly.  Eventually, Ray comes to save the day not as “evil” Ray emulating Captain Cold, but scientist Ray Palmer who uses the cold gun to scientifically stop a bomb from going off in the White House.

Elsewhere, Vixen goes with Nate to search out the Justice Society of America in 1987.  There she gets a rude awakening, her old team is no more.  Most of them died on secret missions throughout American history.  The only one that remains is Obsidian, starring by fan favorite from Aliens, Lance Henriksen.  After confronting her for just “disappearing” years ago (even though she just went time traveling in the Wave Rider.  He also reveals the bad news to Vixen concerning the rest of her team.  Being the only JSA member alive, he helps get them into The White House to help save the day, but ends up taking a bullet for Vixen as Darhk was about to kill her.

Stein has yet another run in with his younger self, who is also involved with the White House.  The ambitious younger version of himself gets in trouble by trying to impress Darhk and ends up getting stabbed, causing a time ripple which makes the older Stein get injured as well.  When the older and younger Stein recuperate, they talk about him ignoring his wife.  Stein tells his younger self that no matter what his accomplishments in the world of science are, his number one priority should be his wife.

In the final confrontation against Darhk and his forces, Sarah opts not to kill him, but tells him all about his future, his failure with HIVE, and his eventual death at the hands of Green Arrow.  This turns out to be a better revenge than killing him.  A distraught Darhk later confronts the Reverse Flash about his future, and then he tells Darhk that he can prevent that, and they go in a time machine to parts unknown.

We also finally got a preview for the upcoming four-night crossover!