Scarlett Johansson To Star In 1950s-Set Mystery, 'Tangerine'

Admit it, for like five seconds you were in horror thinking Scarlett Johansson had been cast in a remake of Sean Baker's hit LGBTQ comedy, Tangerine. Alas, that isn't the case although I would have loved to soak in all of the outrage if it were. No, the two films may share the same title but they couldn't be more different.

Johansson will star in an adaptation of Christine Mangan's upcoming book, Tangerine, with George Clooney on board to produce. The story takes place in 1950s Morocco where two women, Alice and Lucy, find their lives repeatedly intersecting, each time ending with Alice's significant other either disappearing or dying. Hmmm...Lucy I think you got some splainin' to do!

Add this to Johansson's busy slate which obviously includes press for Ghost in the Shell, her Marvel commitments, and a Zelda Fitzgerald biopic. [Deadline]