Scarlett Johansson Emerges In First Two Minutes From 'Ghost In The Shell'

It was only yesterday morning that we got our best look yet at Scarlett Johansson kicking cyborg ass in the Ghost in the Shell trailer. Now today we're seeing even more as IGN has the film's opening two minutes; a faithful recreation of the opening scene from the 1995 anime classic.

The footage reveals the "shelling" of Johansson's character, The Major, a cyborg/human hybrid assigned to a special task force to take down cybernetic threats. And much like the other footage we've seen it sticks to the source material far closer than I think most were expecting. Even original composer Kenji Kawai came back to produce new material for the scene at the request of director Rupert Sanders.

Ghost in the Shell opens March 31st 2017. Check out the footage plus the original below it for comparison's sake.