Robert Downey Jr. To Direct Anthony Michael Hall In TV Pilot, 'Singularity'

There were a lot of inseparable teen duos back in the 1980s but my favorite, and probably the favorite of many, was Robert Downey Jr. and Anthony Michael. Together they starred in 1985's classic Weird Science, followed by the not-so-classics Johnny Be Good and 1994's Hail Caesar. Both went on to have their share of career troubles after that but they fought back to reclaim their personal and professional lives. Now more than twenty years later they are back together again, but not in the way you might expect.

RDJ is set to make his directorial debut on the TV pilot, Singularity, which will have Hall as its star. We don't know anything else about it other than RDJ will be on board as a producer, as well. There's no network attached but I don't expect that will take too long.

Turnabout is fair play on this one. Hail Caesar was Hall's directorial debut and it featured RDJ in a lead role. Perhaps this is his way of preparing for a move to directing feature films, especially now that his appearances for Marvel seem to be winding down. [TheWrap]