'Now You See Me 3' Is Definitely Still Happening

Lionsgate had such high hopes for Now You See Me 2 that they began working on a sequel months before the movie ever hit. Then...well, the film didn't do all that great over here with only $65M. HOWEVER, you know the drill by now. It kicked ass overseas and conjured up an additional $269M, enough for the studio to get into gear a Chinese spinoff. But as for a proper sequel? It appears to still be in the cards.

San Andreas 2 writers Neil Widener and Gavin James have been hired to pen Now You See Me 3 with Jon M. Chu likely to return as director. It looks like the cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan, Morgan Freeman, and Mark Ruffalo will be back, as well. Now would be a great time to mix things up by bringing Isla Fisher back into the fold, just sayin'.

I think at this point Lionsgate isn't even concerning itself with how the movie does stateside. Sure, they'll make some token effort to spruce things up, maybe bring in another big star like when they added Daniel Radcliffe last time, but they see this as a global property first and it's tough to blame them. [Deadline]