New Trailer For 'Monster Trucks' Has A Speed Demon Under The Hood

It's one thing when reports of a troubled production plague a film; the audiences may have lowered expectations but generally all involved are still gung-ho for the project. It's another thing entirely when the studio makes it known they expect the movie to be an utter disaster financially, and that's what Paramount's parent company Viacom did a couple of months ago in a report on Monster Trucks. The numbers suggest they'll lose north of $115M on the toy adaptation, and based on the trailers it's easy to see why.

Lucas Till may be hot sh*t right now because MacGyver is doing well enough to earn a second season, but Monster Trucks looks like crap. He plays a small-town mechanic who builds his own monster truck out of scrap, only to have it taken over by some kind of tentacled goo creature with a talent for giving vehicles a speed boost. It's a literal MONSTER TRUCK, don't you get it?  Anyway, it's tough to tell who this movie is for, but doubtful kids or adults will find it funny.

Directed by Chris Wedge and co-starring Jane Levy, Amy Ryan, Danny Glover, Barry Pepper, and Rob Lowe, Monster Trucks costs Paramount a bunch of cash on January 13th 2017, which is the fourth release date they've given it.