More Outrage: Alpha 5 Revealed From The 'Power Ranger' Reboot

Mind you, the outrage isn't mine but by fans of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers who are upset over the new version of Alpha 5 in the Power Rangers movie. Like everything else in the film, the little robot sidekick has been given an upgrade to go along with a new voice actor in Bill Hader. Here's the new-look Alpha 5 courtesy of IGN...

I just don't see the big deal here. While he's definitely been given a redesign to appear more alien and less robotic, it's not a drastic change. That saucer dome of his still remains, and to me that was always his most memorable feature other than the voice. Okay, those big bug eyes are a little weird. I'll grant you that. Just calm down, people. As long as we get an "Ay yi yi yi" out of him it'll all be okay. But then maybe I'm the wrong guy to say all of this since I wasn't a huge fan of the show and don't really care about changes made to the team, Rita Repulsa, or anything else.

Power Rangers opens March 24th 2017.