Magic Comes To The Streets In First Trailer For 'Sleight'

This past Sundance Film Festival featured a number of twists on the urban drama. My favorite was Kicks (reviewed here), while I heard a lot about The Fits, as well. But the one I heard the most buzz about was Sleight, which takes the story of an inner city drug dealer and infuses it with a dose of magic.

Marking the break out film by rising star director J.D. Dillard (He's currently working with Bad Robot so watch out), it also features Jacob Latimore (Black Nativity, Collateral Beauty) in the lead role. He plays Bo, a young high school student caring for his young sister by selling drugs and using his gift for magic. However when he hopes to get out and live a clean life, a local crime boss threatens Bo and his family.

So part Menace II Society, part superhero origin story? Sign me up.  Sleight opens April 7th 2017 and co-stars Seychelle Gabriel, Sasheer Zamata, and Dule Hill.