Liam Neeson Is 'The Trainer', Olivia Wilde Becomes 'A Vigilante', Abbie Cornish Joins 'Where Hands Touch'

Liam Neeson is rejoining his Michael Collins director Neil Jordan for The Trainer. And just because it sounds like the title for another of his forgettable action movies that isn't actually the case. He plays an Irish horse trainer overcome by grief after a tragedy, who bonds with a teenage refugee over a horse named Allabelle. Uh, where are the guns? Surely they must be in the plot somewhere. [Deadline]

Olivia Wilde has slowed down from her high of about four or five movies a year, taking time to raise a family and whatnot. But she's back and headlining crime drama A Vigilante, in which she plays a secretive figure known as The Woman, who helps victims of domestic abuse by getting rid of their attackers. The film is written and directed by Sarah Daggar Nickson, whose screenplay won Wilde over, tweeting that "it blew my fucking mind". [Deadline]

The underrated Abbie Cornish is joining the cast of Where Hands Touch, the latest film from Belle and A United Kingdom director, Amma Asante.  She's joined by Christopher Eccleston (The Leftovers) and Tom Sweet (The Childhood of a Leader), alongside the previously-cast Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games) and George McKay (Captain Fantastic). The 1944-set film takes place in Berlin and follows the relationship between a biracial German girl and a member of the Hitler youth. Shooting has already begun and frankly this is one of my most anticipated films of next year already.