Lars Von Trier Casts Matt Dillon As Jack The Ripper In 'The House That Jack Built'

We haven't heard much from Lars Von Trier in the last couple of years but maybe he just needed a break after his two-part sexual epic, Nymphomaniac. What we do know is that his next film is the former attempted TV series, The House that Jack Built, and now it has found a star to play notorious murderer, Jack the Ripper.

Matt Dillon will play the killer in Von Trier's film, joined by the legendary Bruno Ganz in the role of Verge. Verge will engage Jack in a conversation about his thoughts on the bloody deeds he commits. Set in Washington over the course of twelve years we'll see Jack's evolution into a serial killer plying his "art" as the police close in on him.

With four major female roles yet to be filled let's hope Charlotte Gainsbourg turns out to be one. [Deadline]