Katherine Waterston Enters 'The Current War', Alexander Skarsgard And Caradelevingne Share A 'Fever Heart'

Katherine Waterston's been on one heck of a hot streak. From Inherent Vice to the excellent Queen of Earth to next month's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, she seems to be everywhere. And that doesn't even include her upcoming role in Alien: Covenant. Now she's added a prestige pic to her resume, joining Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon in The Current War. Directed by Alejandro Gomez-Rejon, the film charts the feud between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to create a stable electric marketable in the U.S. Waterston will play Westinghouse's wife, and let's hope the role calls on her to do more than flip light switches. Nicholas Hoult is on board to play Nicola Tesla, and Sienna Miller is said to be in talks for a role. [Deadline]

Tarzan and the Enchantress are hitting the road in a new thriller, titled Fever Heart. Alexander Skarsgard and Cara Delevingne will star in the Ben Briand-directed film about an amnesiac man who teams up with a circus sharpshooter to uncover his lost memories, all while being pursued by a charming malevolent tracker named Blood Lieberman. Say what? The road they're traveling will apparently have a mystical edge to it, making this film sounds completely off-the-rails crazy already. Hopefully it works out because that's a great (and unfairly attractive) lead duo. [THR]