Jessica Chastain Turns Vigilante As 'Painkiller Jane'

Jessica Chastain is really taking this action heroine thing to heart. We were surprised when she signed up to shoot arrows and chase Chris Hemsworth around (Okay, maybe not that part) in The Huntsman: Winter's War, and now she's set to star in her first comic book movie, an adaptation of Painkiller  Jane.

Chastain will produce and star in the film based on the popular comic book series by Jimmy Palmiotti and former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. She'll take on the role of Jane Vasko, an undercover NYC cop whose cover is blown while on an operation, and nearly dies as a result. She does recover due to previously unknown regenerative powers, and uses them to fight crime as a vigilante.  The character first debuted in the Image Comics series, 22 Brides, and has been adapted a couple of time already. SyFy turned the graphic novel into a movie back in 2005, which led to a short-lived TV series that starred Kristanna Loken.

The Soska Sisters (See No Evil 2, Vendetta) had been attached to direct Painkiller Jane a couple of years ago and a lot was made out of it back at Comic-Con. But so far nothing has come from it other than their claims of it being a hard R-rated film. At this point we don't know if they are still attached, but chances are bigger names will be brought in now because that's the kind of attention Chastain commands.

It's going to be very interesting to see who they get to direct, but Chastain as Painkiller Jane is already worth being excited about. She'll be seen next as an anti-gun lobbyist in Miss Sloane. [Deadline]