Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Are Star-Crossed Lovers In New 'Passengers' Trailer

I don't know if Passengers is meant to be an awards contender or not. It's hard to argue with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, along with The Imitation Game director Morten Tyldum. But that's not necessarily the impression previous footage has made on me. With the year winding down and already a ton of movies vying for votes I'd be happy if it's just an entertaining sci-fi romance with two of the most beautiful people in Hollywood.

Penned by Jon Spaihts who wrote the script years ago (Keanu Reeves was attached initially), the film finds Pratt and Lawrence as sleeping passengers on a spaceship who are woken up 90 years too early. Faced with the prospect of dying, the two begin to fall in love but also come to suspect they were woken up for a reason.

December is a packed month for sci-fi heads but Passengers will find a way to stand out when it opens on the 21st. Check out the trailer and a few clips.