Han Solo Spinoff Will Be Like A Space Western Or Heist Movie

It may seem like Lucasfilm's Han Solo spinoff is a long ways off, but it isn't. 2018 isn't that far away and while we still have  'Rogue One' and 'Episode IX' first, it's not too soon to start learning a bit more about the film which stars Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, and Emilia Clarke. And producer Kathleen Kennedy has dropped a detail on the kind of tone we can expect from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Speaking with Variety, Kennedy said you can expect the film to have a Western vibe, which isn't that surprising when you consider George Lucas was inspired in part by Westerns when he came up with Star Wars...

“This moves closer to a heist or Western type feel. We’ve talked about [Frederic] Remington, and those primary colors that are used in his paintings defining the look and feel of the film.”

If you don't know Remington chances are you've seen some of the 19th-century artist's painted renditions of the Old West. They offered some of our most iconic images of what frontier life was like, especially for those out in the cities who never experienced it first hand.

So, a Star Wars space Western? Man, too bad they couldn't get Joss Whedon to do a Firefly sort of thing on it. Oh well. Maybe next time. The untitled Han Solo movie opens May 25th 2018.