First Look At Brie Larson In Destin Cretton's 'The Glass Castle'

The last time Brie Larson and writer/director Destin Daniel Cretton teamed up they delivered the truly special Short Term 12. It was that film, and the heavy Best Actress campaigning a lot of people did for her, that made Larson one of the top leading ladies in Hollywood. It was the first step in her eventual Best Actress win for Room that soon followed. And now the duo are back together again with hopes of recreating that success with an adaptation of Jeanette Walls' acclaimed memoir, The Glass Castle.

We're getting our first look at Larson in the role courtesy of EW, and you can also see co-star Naomi Watts in one of the images. The story centers on Walls' unusual upbringing by eccentric, dysfunctional parents who kept their family uprooted and traveling through the southwest. Presumably we'll see how growing up that way affected Walls as an adult. Remember, this was a role that originally was planned for Jennifer Lawrence, but the chance to see Larson and Cretton together again is pretty exciting.

Also starring Luke Greenfield, Sarah Snook, and Woody Harrelson, The Glass Castle opens next year.