Eleven Is Coming Back To Eat Your Eggos In 'Stranger Things' Season 2

Late last summer while everybody and their Mom was gushing about Netflix's Stranger Things, creators Ross and Matt Duffer were already looking ahead to season two. And part of their tease was the fate of fan-favorite Eggo-loving Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), and the possibility she may not return...

"We don’t know about Eleven. We leave that up in the air.”

Yeah, I don't think anybody bought that. Of course she was coming back, and now it has been made official. According to TVLine, Brown will reprise her role as Eleven when the show returns. What exactly happened to her after the finale is still unknown, and hopefully it will stay that way. One of the great things about Stranger Things is that we didn't know anything going in. Let's keep the mystery intact for next season, shall we?

What we can expect is for the action to take place in 1984, about a year from when things left off. Stranger Things returns to Netflix next year.