'Deadpool' Sequel Officially Lands 'John Wick' Director David Leitch

There has been a surprising amount of chatter about Deadpool 3 already, which is weird because Deadpool 2 had still been in need of a director. And the last we'd heard about the search for one, John Wick co-director David Leitch was the frontrunner to replace Tim Miller, who left under a cloud of "creative differences" that might have included star Ryan Reynolds.

Well again we have news on the third Deadpool movie, but at least this time it comes with confirmation of Leitch as director of the first sequel. Leitch should bring the same level of stylized action as Miller, and I'm sure that was a big part of the conversation he had with Reynolds that won him the gig.

That said, it's probably one-and-done for Leitch as the search for a totally different director has already begun for Deadpool 3, which we previously learned would feature the mutant militia known as X-Force. With the X-Men franchise in limbo Fox may be looking to pump out more Deadpool movies at a faster clip. Whether that's a good idea or not we'll have to wait and see. [THR]