DC CW Releases Full Trailer For 'Invasion!' Crossover Event

The “Arrowverse” on the CW will unleash the Invasion crossover event over four nights next week.  Starting with Supergirl we will see the Dominators begin their conquest of Earth and it will continue on The Flash, Arrow and conclude on Legends of Tomorrow.  We already know that it will be the “Best. Team up. Ever!” from the various quick spots shown throughout the weeks.  The CW finally released a full two-minute extended trailer for the four-night crossover.

In a very War of the Worlds or Independence Day fashion (depending on how old you are), the Dominators arrive to earth with a vast armada with the intention of wiping out humanity.  Lucky for us, we have aliens, metahumans, vigilante’s, and time-traveling superheroes to save the day.  In the trailer, we are treated to seeing the Dominators fight soldiers in WWII, Oliver going into some stasis pod, the return of Deathstroke (who we haven’t seen since season 3), and Supergirl meeting the whole gang.  Supergirl even learns Heatwave’s backstory which isn’t as sunny as all the other superheroes.  This is the “Justice League” type of team up we have been waiting for since Arrow first premiered!

The four-night crossover begins Monday, November 28th in Supergirl and concludes Thursday, December 1st with Legends of Tomorrow.