Ciaran Hinds To Play 'Justice League' Villain Steppenwolf

In one of the most confusing scenes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, one that was thankfully deleted, we saw Lex Luthor wading around in some weird space gunk while encountering the being known as Steppenwolf. He was carrying a pair of all-powerful devices known as Mother Boxes, and a few months ago we learned this was just a tease for the villain's eventual appearance in Justice League. Well now we know who will be playing him, and its veteran actor Ciaran Hinds.

The Wrap reports Hinds will be giving a motion-capture performance as Steppenwolf in Zack Snyder's film. While his name is absurd Steppenwolf is a powerful foe, an uncle to the ultimate bad dude Darkseid and a fearsome military commander from their home planet of Apokolips. Basically he's a steppen-stone to the real fight which will come later. Hinds, who has been great in everything from Munich to Game of Thrones, can be seen next in the Vinny Pazienza biopic, Bleed for This, opposite Miles Teller.

Finally, it looks like Kiersey Clemons has shot a Justice League cameo in her role as Flash love interest, Iris West. However, with that film in some trouble and possibly delayed due to Rick Famuyiwa suddenly exiting the director's seat, who knows if that appearance stays or not. We may see it dropped and added to the eventual "Super Duper Deluxe Extended Blu-Ray" we all know is coming.

Justice League hits theaters on November 10th 2017.