Catherine Keener Joins 'Soldado', Riley Keough Goes 'Under The Silver Lake', Kate Bosworth Is Sharon Tate In New Biopic

Catherine Keener has joined Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin in the Sicario sequel, titled Soldado. We still don't know much in the way of details but the film will continue following the shadowy "bird dog" Alejandro Gillick and ethically-compromised CIA agent Matt Graver as they continue their war to stop drug cartels on the U.S./Mexico border. Keener will play Brolin's boss. Penned by the returning Taylor Sheridan and directed by Stefano Sollima, Soldado begins shooting next year. [Deadline]

Riley Keough, who was seen last year in Mad Max: Fury Road and currently in American Honey, has joined Andrew Garfield, Dakota Johnson, and Topher Grace in Under the Silver Lake. The modern crime noir is the latest film by David Robert Mitchell, who broke out with the indie horror, It Follows. [THR]

It's unfortunate that Sharon Tate is known for only one thing, being murdered along with her unborn child by the Manson Family in 1969. There was more to her life than that, and it will be explored in greater depth in a new biopic starring Kate Bosworth, with her husband Michael Polish (Big Sur) directing from his script. Based on the book  "Sharon Tate And The Manson Murders", the film will “look at Tate’s career, marriage and other relationships she had in Hollywood." Probably a big part of that will be Roman Polanski, her husband and father of the child who died with her. Bosworth and Polish are shopping the film now, we'll see if there are any takers. [Deadline]